Google Files Go: an effective apps to save your mobile data usage!

Together with the Android Oreo Go edition, Google also launched their series of Google apps for the low-end smartphone users! One of the most highlight application this time is the brand new Google Files Go app! Check out more about this app below!

Google Files Go

Google Files Go: sharing files without Internet!

According to Google, the Files Go application is dedicated to the low-budget phone users worldwide. This app is now available for all devices running Android 5.0 and later. With this app, you can save valuable storage space on your limited capacity. In details, Google Files Go can assist you in managing your handset storage. Google has created this app to work on slow-built hardware handset. Furthermore, it will also come in handy under slow Internet connection situation. On the same note, the YouTube Go also has the same benefits for low-end smartphone users.

When opening the Google Files Go, you will receive many statistics about your handset. It will show you your storage capacity, as well as how much of it is used. Below the data, Files Go also offers you some tips to free up the storage space. Furthermore, you will also receive notifications on unused apps after 30 days, or apps with a large cache of unnecessary files. You can find out if you have any duplicated applications or broken data that needs to delete. Within the app, you can choose to remove any unwanted apps or upload them to any Cloud services like OneDrive or Google Drive.

Finally, one of the most impressive features of Google Files Go is the direct transfer option. With Google Files Go on both handsets, you can send the files directly to them, without the Internet. The Google app help set up a wireless connection between any smartphones that have it. As a result, Google Files Go helps you to save up on your monthly data plans. Additionally, Google also claims that the connection reaches 125Mbps. This number proves that File Go sending speed is even faster than the standard mobile data connection.

Google Files Go: low-end, not a bad end!

While not many smartphone fans cannot afford a premium handset, Google Files has opened a great door for low-end users. Within the future, we can expect more storage-saving apps to appear on our smartphones, similar to Files Go or YouTube Go. Which application would you want to see next? Drop a comment to let us know!

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