Apple iPhone 2018 edition: an AMAZING beast to come!

It is clear that the release of $999 Apple iPhone X has opened a new chapter in Apple’s smartphone story. What more will Apple bring us in 2018? Are there any innovative advancements in the next Apple iPhone 2018 edition? Check it out!

What can we expect in the Apple iPhone in 2018?

iPhone x has opened a new age in the Apple’s story as well as the whole smartphone industry. The smartphone removed the old design home button and touch ID, added the new Face ID face scanner and wireless charging. There is no surprise that this new iPhone has become the hot topic in the smartphone community lately. As a result, many Apple and technology fans are now turning their attention to the 2018 iPhone release. Let’s have a closer look at some features that can emerge in the next iPhone generation today!
Bloomberg reports that Apple plans to deliver new laser sensors in a future iPhone X. This feature will be capable of mapping the 3D environment. Moreover, Apple plans to make an iPhone X-like design across all its handsets next year with an OLED screen. Specifically, this company is planning two OLED-based iPhone models next year. When it comes to the screen, there are three versions of iPhone: one of those will feature 5,8 inches and the second model would deliver a massive 6.5-inch screen, and the mid-size one will be 6.1 inches.

Apple iPhone 2018 edition

Speaking of the security system, Apple’s Face ID will certainly be a part of the 2018 iPhone line, but Touch ID might make a comeback. The next-generation iPhone models will include Intel XXM 7560 and Qualcomm Snapdragon X20 modems. However, this iPhone’s official name is still currently unknown. In our opinion, we might be looking at an iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus. For SIM cards, the new iPhone model comes with dual-SIM.

Apple iPhone 2018 edition price and release date

The iPhone X was just released and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus dropped right before it, but everyone’s already gearing up for the next big iPhone from Apple coming out in 2018. The next Apple iPhone 2018 edition might come in September 2018. For upcoming iPhone price, it costs at least $1000 ~ Rs. 64,440. What do you think about the next-generation iPhone, and what features would you like for Apple to improve upon or include on its newest premium smartphone? Drop us a comment!

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