Nokia ZenJutsu vs. Nokia Vitech: 12GB RAM, 7800mAh battery

Today, we are going to make a comparison between Nokia beasts: Nokia ZenJutsu and Nokia Vitech. These phones come with big specs such as 12GB RAM and 7800mAh battery. Read the full article below for more details!

Nokia ZenJutsu

Nokia ZenJutsu vs. Nokia Vitech: 12GB RAM, 7800mAh battery

Ever since the first information about the Nokia ZenJutsu and Nokia Vitech, Nokia fans have shown great interest in these two flagships. For now, no official release date for these handsets is confirmed yet. According to our sources, here are the great specs from these two monsters you can expect from Nokia. For the display, Nokia ZenJutsu specs carry a 6-inch screen with a resolution of a 4K display. Nokia Vitech specs sport a smaller 5.5-inch Super OLED display with a resolution of 2990 x 3690 pixels. Our vote goes to Nokia ZenJutsu in this round!

For the processors, Nokia ZenJutsu runs on a Snapdragon 845 SoC chipset with a massive 10GB RAM. Nokia Vitech flagship runs on the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, but it features an impressive 12GB RAM. Undoubtedly, one point to Nokia Vitech! Additionally, Nokia ZenJutsu storages come with 512GB ROM that is expandable with 512GB. Nokia Vitech looses a point with 128GB ROM and a microSD support up to 256GB. Both Nokia handsets have Android Oreo 8.0 as their operating system.

Nokia Vitech

In terms of photography, Nokia ZenJutsu camerascome with an impressive system: 42MP on the rear and 42MP for the selfies. On the other hand, Nokia Vitech cameras offer a dual 32+32MP as primary lenses and 42MP for selfies. Nokia ZenJutsu gets the next point from us! Finally, Nokia ZenJutsu battery sports 6000mAh capacity, and Nokia Vitech handset offers a stronger non-removable Li-Po 7800 mAh battery.

Nokia ZenJutsu vs Nokia Vitech Release Date

We are expecting to see these Nokia monsters in January 2018, or at the Mobile World Congress 2018 next March. For now, we can hope that Nokia ZenJutsu price starts from $ 700 ~ Rs 45, 475. And Nokia Vitech price is at around $ 819 ~ Rs 52,318. If you’re looking for a large RAM and battery capacity smartphone, we recommend adding Nokia Vitech to your bucket list next 2018!

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