LG G7 design: SND 845, 87% display ratio, looking like iPhone X?

LG G7 concept has been available! Recently, we spotted on the internet the upcoming LG G7 smartphone. The handset is incorporated with some features from ASUS ZenFone Deluxe and iPhone X. Let’s check it out.

LG G7 concept design: iPhone X look-alike?

The machine is promised to run on a Snapdragon 845. It also sports a dual back shooter, maybe F/1.6 aperture and OS on both sensors. On the front, the design suggested two speakers cutouts which reminds us of the new iPhone X. The ratio of the screen is up to 87%, giving users a sense of infinity. Obviously, the LG G7 design is more modern looking and futuristic than any device offered by other manufacturers.

Remember the ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition with the diamond-like texture on the back from ASUS? The new design of LG G7 has that texture on the back as well. Maybe the designer wants to give a new sense of back texture; instead of smooth glass-like surface or rough touching one, he decided to give it a diamond-shaped pattern. We think it will look a lot like he Swarovski glass surface, which is definitely classy and satisfying to look and touch.

The back also sports the fingerprint scanner. Many smart device users may find this strange; however, we think this design is really convenient for users. Imagine you need to unlock your phone; with the average size of a smart device nowadays, you can never actually grip it within your palm and unlock the screen the front scanner. You will need to slide the phone up a bit, which may cause it to drop if your hand gets wet or slippery. With the scanner at the back, you just need to gently place your index finger on the scanner without much effort.

LG G7 concept design: direct rival to iPhone X?

Though it is still a conceptual design, this new LG G7 design is really promising. It is stunning in terms of both general design and some innovations in material and texture. Let’s wait and hope the manufacturer may adopt these cool features into their official design for the product.

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