iPhone 5X concept design: 6GB RAM, dual camera, metallic body and more

Together with the hype of iPhone X launch, we have spotted over the internet a very interesting iPhone 5X design. The phone comes with a dual camera on the back, and a very classy, metallic body.

iPhone 5X

iPhone 5X concept design: dual camera, metallic body

This iPhone 5X design is a fusion of the legendary iPhone 5 and the recently-released iPhone X. Both are products marking the huge turn in Apple products’ design. The iPhone 5 officially kissed the old 3.5-inch screen good-bye with its 4-inch screen. The product is also slimmer, giving it a more elegant look. Meanwhile, the iPhone X eliminates the Home Button with a borderless design. As a result, iPhone 5X will not have the Home Button; however, we keep the edgy, sharp and scientific design for iPhone 5X.

A sleek design would never be complete without an appealing set of features. From what is trending in the market, a dual camera with at least 12MP is a must. And iPhone 5X would best come with 6GB RAM, since the iOS 11 with its official version will definitely need more processing space. We are also expecting different variants of internal storage, i.e 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. Apple should support fast charging technology for this device; we also look for advancement in charging since the wireless charger dock has been released and we expect it can do more in being compatible with the Apple products.

iPhone 5X

The height and the weight is suggested to be the same as those of the iPhone 5, but it is also 1 mm slimmer. We think it would be pretty challenging for Apple to work on this product, since the size is pretty small. The curved areas at the back might also be tricky for mass production. But this only makes us even more excited to see iPhone 5X in the flesh

iPhone 5X concept design: looking like your favorite iPhone

Although for now, the device we see is just an iPhone 5X concept design, it has all that matters to become the next favorite iPhone ever. Being a combination of popular elements we found on today’s market, there is no doubt iPhone 5X release will make a huge hit.

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