Nokia Aeon Prime vs. Nokia McLaren: 8GB RAM, 7000mAh

Today, let’s put two Nokia phones into a comparison to find which one deserves waiting for. Nokia Aeon Prime vs. Nokia McLaren with 8GB RAM, 7000mAh, check it out!

Nokia Aeon Prime vs

Nokia Aeon Prime vs. Nokia McLaren specs

Let’s start the versus today with Nokia Aeon Primespecs! This phone comes with a 5.5-inch OLED display with 2580 x 3780 pixels resolution. Meanwhile, Nokia McLaren features a 5.5-inch Full HD with a 4K display. However, both phones run on the same operating system which is Android Oreo 8.0, along with a Qualcomm SnD 845 SoC chipset. Besides, Nokia Aeon Prime owns a non-removable Li-Po 7000mAh energy box, which is more 2500 mAh than that of Nokia McLaren.

In terms of the memory, both Nokia Aeon Prime and Nokia McLaren offer 8GB RAM, along with a micro SD for expandable 256GB. Anyway, while the former provides two options for internal storage: 128GB ROM or 256GB ROM, the latter just gives 128GB ROM. It can be said that although offering the same huge memory, Nokia McLaren might be more popular than the other because of various options.

Nokia Aeon Prime vs

When it comes to the Nokia Aeon Prime camera, it packs a 50MP snapper on the back and a single 42MP shooter on the font. Meanwhile, Nokia McLaren camera system includes a dual 16MP + 16MP rear camera on the rear and a 20MP selfie shooter. Obviously, Nokia Aeon Prime is a better option for those who are quite into taking photos by the smartphone. In addition, both phones include basic connectivity options: Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Radio, USB and GPS.

Nokia Aeon Prime vs. Nokia McLaren price

The information about the Nokia Aeon Prime launch and Nokia McLaren release date is still not official. Anyway, we guess that it be in Dec 2017 and Jan 2018, respectively. Besides, we also hope that Nokia Aeon Prime price might start from $576 (Rs. 37, 999) and Nokia McLaren might come around $671 (about Rs. 43,899). Which one are you waiting for? Let stay tuned for more updates from us.

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