Amazon – Get MI 3c router @ Rs 1199

1.Visit page.

2.Add product in your cart.

3.Login or Create a New account.

4.Enter contact details and address.

5.Make payment with suitable method or COD ( if available).

Features of the product

  • Wireless N series with speed up to 300Mbps router
  • Compatible with input type RJ-45 (ethernet cable)
  • 4 antennas provide better range, up to 80m in open space
  • 2 antennas dedicated as receiver, 2 antennas dedicated as transmitter – hence, lower interference and better speed
  • 64MB of RAM let’s you connect up to 64 devices, with 24 stable connections
  • ADSL or cable modem is required
  • Can be used in repeater mode with ADSL connections, which support Input Type RJ-11
  • Elegant and minimalistic design
  • Maximum Operating Distance:80 m range in open space. Mi Wi-Fi app can be accessed remotely as well.

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